Friday, June 21, 2024

    What to expect from this blog!

    So you want to be an author on this blog and share your thoughts, ideas, experiences, knowledge….etc. Amazing!

    There are a few simple requirements to be an author:

    1. Must be able to provide verification of current professional/student status.
    2. Must review and abide by blog post instructions/requirements which will be provided (i.e. 1500 word limit, at least one picture to post…etc.

    That is pretty much it for right now!

    A Place to share thoughts, ideas and connect for the future!

    Content and Professionalism

    Blogs should be accurate, fair, and unbiased.

    All communication should be professional and courteous. Blogs must fit the mission of the blog which is to share knowledge-based facts and/or professional experience/insights. Any author or staff of this blog who participates, whether by posting content or leaving a comment, should:

      • Limit blogging to factual issues (research and development topics, etc.), rather than an in-depth discussion of private administration or private policy
      • Confidential information is not permitted
      • Use professional standard in language and decorum
      • Withhold personal opinions on office, departmental, and private administration policy
      • Assure that all content is accurate, and inform readers if the content is changed, updated or corrected over time (i.e. an in text error are made which should be addressed at the end of prior published work)
      • Be aware that bloggers represent themselves and their profession and are public for anyone to access

    Each author must be willing to share their profile/credentials at the end of each blog with viewers and can choose to attach additional means of contact (social media, etc.) at the end of the content. Plagiarism is unacceptable and in such reported cases will result in suspension of the author from the blog along with withdrawal of their published posts.

    Official Launch

    We are aiming to launch this website in December 2023. This website is a pre-launch version of what is to come. This page will be updated with more comprehensive information before launching.

    Contact: for inquiries.

    A blog nobody probably will read. BUT you might.

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